Top 10 best places to visit in Chandigarh, Chandigarh Tourism, Chandigarh sightseeing

Top 10 Best Tourism Places to Visit in Chandigarh

Chandigarh City is a very famous city of India and it is the capital of Haryana and Punjab. It is a union territory of India. This city has political significance, as well as it is also famous as a very scenic place. If you are coming to visit Chandigarh City, then we have brought information about all the major sights of Chandigarh City for your visit. In this blog post of ours, we have brought for you all the places to visit in Chandigarh City. We hope that you find the information of all the sites useful.

1. "The Blooming Paradise" - Rose Garden, Chandigarh :- 

The Rose Garden of Chandigarh, which is Asia's largest flower garden, is not only famous in India, but also famous in abroad. This rose garden is in Sector 16 of Chandigarh City. There are 825 varieties of flowers and 32,500 varieties of trees and medicinal shrubs in this garden. You can see many native and foreign tourists walking around in the morning and evening. This place is very beautiful for those who are nature lovers.

The biggest feature of this garden is the different types of trees and medicinal plants that are installed in it. The best time to visit this garden is in February and March, because flowering plants are in full bloom in these months. The beauty of this flower garden has become more beautiful with the musical fountain, which is very beautiful in the evening light.

The Rose Garden of Chandigarh is a very popular place to visit, you can come here with your family and enjoy nature from close quarters.

2. The Rock Garden:-  

The Rock Garden in Sector 1 Chandigarh City is a very popular tourist spot. It is an open air exhibition hall, all the sculptures made in it are made of all the garbage and industrial waste of the city.

The Rock Garden has been constructed with the untiring efforts of a former Inspector Nek Chand ji, you will find this Rock Garden between the very famous Sukhna Lake and the Capitol Building. This rock garden is also known as Rock Garden of Nek Chand. This garden is spread over 40 acres.

The Rock Garden is divided into 3 different stages and each stage is completely separate and unique from each other. The Rock Garden is made of terracotta pots, light fixtures, and even broken toilet pots and looks very attractive. You can come with your family to this very interesting museum in Chandigarh and enjoy the best art work.

3. Sukhna Lake:-

It is the very famous lake of Chandigarh City, people come from far and wide to see it. You can see different kinds of birds in this lake. This lake is a man-made lake, created in 1958 by damaging seasonal Sukhna Choe (stream).

People come to this lake in the evening for jogging and exercise. People also come here for Asian Rowing Championships. Here you can also take a boat for rent and the boat charges for couples and singles are 50 to 100 rupees.

This place is very suitable for photography and videography. More recently, the lake has been associated with solar cruises, as well as an excellent location for sports activities like rowing, trampoline jumping.

You can come with your family to see Sukhna lake in Chandigarh and enjoy a different joy by coming here.

4. Pinjore Garden:- 

It is a very beautiful garden made of Mughal era, which has built in Pinjore City. People come from far and wide to see this Pinjore Garden. This garden is spread over 1000 acres. This garden, built in the middle of the city, looks like nature has spread its wonders in the city of concrete.

This garden is also known as Yadvinder Garden. The park has become the center for its greenery, fresh fountains and water bodies. This Mughal garden is the oldest garden built in the cityy, which has popularity throughout the world.

During Baisakhi in this garden, it is very nice to come between April to June and annual Mango Festival is also organized in this garden which is very popular. This garden has a mini zoo, dedicated area for historical places, a quiet Japanese garden, a splendid nursery and many picnic spots that attract you and your family very much to come here.

The lighting of this garden is so beautiful after sunset, that fascinates the mind. That's why many people like to come here in the evening. If you have come to Pinjore, Chandigarh, do not forget to visit this charming garden.

5. The Government Museum and Art Gallery :- 

The Government Museum and Art Gallery of Chandigarh City is the most famous and popular art gallery and museum in the world. In this museum, you will get very important information about Indian history and division.

This museum was built in August 1979, this museum is especially famous in the world as a rich collection of museum paintings, artifacts and sculptures. The museum was inaugurated on May 8, 1949 by the then Chief Commissioner, Dr. MS Randhawa did it. Le Corbusier was the one who designed the museum.

If you are fond of seeing a very good museum and art gallery, then this museum in Chandigarh is especially for people like you. Whenever you come to Chandigarh, you can make this museum a part of your visit.

6. Shantikunj Chandigarh:-

It is one of the best and best gardens of Chandigarh City, which is very popular among the people of the city. The park is located between the Rose Garden and Cricket Stadium in Sector 14 of Chandigarh City.

This garden is named Shantikunj because it is a very quiet and relaxing place away from the noise of the city. There are many types of tree plants, plants of vegetation and herbs which look very beautiful here.

Here people can often be seen exercising, in this garden many exercise equipment are also installed such as - treadmill, legs shaper, abs shaper, shoulder press.

It has a cafeteria for tourists and children where you can enjoy refreshments. If you are coming to Chandigarh, then you can add Shantikunj to your visiting list.

7. Fun City Chandigarh :- 

Fun City is a very important and popular place in Chandigarh City where people come to enjoy water sports. This water park is the largest water park in North India and it is spread over 43 acres. This water park is located in Ramgarh, Chandigarh.

Fun City Chandigarh water park has very different types of water slides which are very popular among boys, girls and children. It has an activity pool, three landing pools and a wave pool, a group of water slides of various shapes and sizes that automatically attract you.

This water park has very spectacular water slides, we are telling some of them and whenever you come to Chandigarh, you can see for yourself and enjoy the water slides at Fun City Chandigarh.

The most spectacular water slides that are in this water park are - Draws like Lazy River Ride, Splash Pool, Aqua Dance, White Multi Lane, Typhoon Tunnel, White Slide, Red Dragon Slide, Rough Slide and Pendulum Slide.

8:- Terraced Garden, Chandigarh:- 

Terrace garden is a very popular garden of Chandigarh, which is visited by people from far flung areas. It is the most famous tourist destination of Chandigarh City. You can see the tourist here in the morning and evening. This garden is located in Sector 33, Chandigarh. You will be thrilled to see the colorful flowers of this garden.

This garden is named after the terraced garden due to the different levels, shapes and ceiling designs. This garden was established in the year 1979. Since then, these garden has become the tourists first choice. Music of Hindi films and local music are played in the evening between musical fountains, which are very much appreciated by the ears of tourists.

If you are planning to come to Chandigarh, then Terrace Garden which is in Chandigarh can be a very beautiful tourist destination for you and your family.

9:- Thunder Zone:-

Thunder Zone is a very entertaining and popular water park of Chandigarh City, which is very famous among  children and young adults. This water park is the second largest water park in Chandigarh City spread over 11 acres of land. This water park was built on 15 May 2012 and since then it has remained a center of attraction for people.

This water park has very exciting water slides, four large pools, water waves, and very fragrant flowering plants which are very suitable for photography.

Thunder Zone Amusement and Water Park is a fantastic and exciting place, if you come here once, you will forget to go home. This is a very spectacular water park of Chandigarh City, so whenever you come to Chandigarh, then go and see this water park, it will make you very thrilled.

10:- Botanical Garden, Chandigarh:- 

Botanical Gardens of Chandigarh are very magnificent and popular gardens. There are 2 Botanical Gardens in Chandigarh, one Botanical Garden is situated in the University of Punjab and the other is between Rock Garden and Sukhna Lake in Sector 1.

In these Botanical Gardens, both native and exotic flowers and herbs are found. This is why this Botanical Garden is very popular among tourists.

Whenever you come to Chandigarh, do not forget to visit these Botanical Gardens.

In this blog post, we have provided very popular top 10 places of Chandigarh city for our readers. If you all liked the information about all the top tourist places of Chandigarh City, then our efforts have become successful. We hope that you will continue visit our website and get all the very best information about top places to visit in India.


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